​​The 6th Annual Conference of the Kulturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (KWG) with the title B/ORDERING CULTURES: EVERYDAY LIFE, POLITICS, AESTHETICS will focus on the interplay of borders and orders from the perspective of cultural studies. The Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION together with the KWG section Cultural Border Studies invite you to Frankfurt (Oder) on the German-Polish border to engage in vivid discussions on this highly relevant and debated subject. From 8 to 10 October 2020, a range of border and order concepts will be put up for discussion: possible interrelations between socio-symbolic, aesthetic-material and political-territorial notions of borders and orders as well as micro- and macro-perspectives on these phenomena will be key elements of our reflections. 

Bordering as a core concept and term takes up the focus in the Border Studies and points toward the discursive and practical establishment as well as the structural dynamics of demarcation and ordering processes. We invite researchers to the border town to discuss border relations, their conditions, means of establishment, and order generating effects. How do orders, essentially defined by differentiation, deploy their weight through the interplay of these constituting elements? 

Everyday life, politics and aesthetics form socially relevant domains of border/order relationships. Aesthetic-performative practices of exclusion and inclusion or temporal demarcations as a structuring element of everyday life only suggest possible access points to examine orders of interaction, gendered or even political orders in their effects on everyday life.  


In addition to questions of content, the focus will also include the following methodological perspectives on orders and borders: 

  • How can we look at the borders of orders and analytically approach overlaps and pluralities of the manifold ordering structures? 


  • In which way can we describe processes of demarcation, border negotiations and dissolutions as social practice and in their ordered nature from the viewpoint of cultural studies? 


  • How can we encounter the binary doctrine inherent in logics of border(ing) and order(ing) to reveal dynamic interrelations and shifts between demarcations and structural order (In-betweenness)? 

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